Theron Cartwright received his Associate of Fine Arts in Animation degree from Delaware College of Art and Design and has been a working freelance artist ever since. After many years of being a freelance artist, known for his acute accuracy with portraiture and effective commercial designs, he relocated to Augusta, Georgia and began traveling year-round to share more of his art at festivals and conventions. On his website, he shares his process in hopes of encouraging other artists through documentation of his journey examining effective processes, conveying powerful themes and learning new methods of personal expression. He also allows audiences to witness his journey while he creates his ongoing comic, “Them Bantu Boys,” and an upcoming independent animation series. Theron remembers drawing sneaker designs and studying the art of some of his favorite professional artists very early on in life and drawing has remained his main artistic focus ever since. The encouragement of family and art teachers from a young age helped him to develop a healthy appetite for learning and evolving as an artist. Draftsmanship is the foundation of all other artistic skills and Theron considers himself a student of the fundamental processes that are applied to art creation. He loves taking something he sees and rendering it in whatever media is most suitable for the subject matter. Going beyond a simple reproduction, though, he wants his art to provoke some kind of introspection and examination. He constantly experiments with different styles, genres and mediums: illustration, digital art, pencil art, acrylic painting, mixed media, and animation. He loves the challenge of creating art that pushes him outside of a distinguishable personal style, it keeps him in a space to always learn something new and create new ideas.